has your business made you
feel like this?

 wish you could just have time
to get clarity & put yourself back
in the drivers seat? 


do you need a plan TO TAKE

Fast – Fun- two day workshop

Our CORE DNA workshop, is a two day (back-to-back) session, that provides a framework for understanding your business as well as to identify opportunities to develop your business.
Don’t panic. This isn’t meant to be another boring workshop. But our CORE DNA workshop aims to create an environment for you and your business to align your brand, your business goals to your customers needs.
By the end of the workshop, you will have gained insight and identified opportunities to strategise your business solutions to run more effectively and efficiently for the next 6 to 12 months in each aspect of your business, tech, creative marketing and sales.

This workshop is NOT a process, but rather a framework to help align your brand, your business goals and your customers needs.


Lumiere’s offices has the capacity to facilitate strategy sessions in a collaborative working environment.
We run CORE DNA collaborative workshop sessions led by a facilitator to gain deep understanding of your business.
We believe that your business has the potential to grow and develop new revenue streams. Lumiere aims to help your business establish your customers persona’s, so that we can tailor and strategise your business solutions to your customers. 
This is all condensed into our CORE DNA workshop session. This workshop is here to provide you with a holistic insight into your business in order to drive your business further, and it all starts with the end-users.

IT accelerates the strategic process.  

Aligns your team.

CORE DNA workshop outline


Understanding who you are. A set of qualities, ideas & attributes that you promise and deliver in all experiences with the customer.


Understanding your customer’s story and how you align your products or services.


Revenue | What will generate revenue?
Awareness | How will people get to hear about you?
Efficiency | How can you systemise & simplify?

streamlines your processes.

Defines how to drive brand awareness.


To enhance your customers user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility and pleasure provided in the interaction between them and your business contact tools, website, print, collateral, product design, social media and marketing.


Need to be driven by ease, clarity and emotion. Defined by the customers needs and solutions. Designed with your DNA and voice to create an authentic and unique experience.
Our CORE DNA workshop will create the framework for new or established brands and businesses.
The result of the workshop, is to illuminate and shed light, so that brands and businesses can align future goals and revenue streams with your customers needs and solutions .
So as to address what areas in your business needs refining and what experiences need to be redesigned so as to take the brand or the business to the next level.

 Focusing on customers, finding new WAYS TO identify & INCREASE YOUR REVENUE streams.

Clarity & Plan

Who your current customers are.
What customers you wish to attract and how.
How to address customers needs & pain points.
Brand propositioning statement.
Brand messaging.
Addressing all of the most common objections for company stakeholders and management teams.
What content to create and when.

develop brand personality

Create your brand avatar. How it looks,  feels, acts, sounds and impacts your customers.
For established brands and business how to refine their DNA with their current customer profiles. 

design touchpoints

Business contact tools, website, print, collateral, product design, social media and marketing.

We can Customise the strategy workshop to meet the needs of small & midsize Brands & business.

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